Inspiration Hub

Welcome to Inspiration Hub

I have dreamed of creating this website for the past 8 months. I have put so much thought into what I want this space to be and what I hope it becomes.  The basis is to inspire people by sharing my story and my life and by inviting people who inspire me to share their stories with you.

Why do I think I can inspire you?

Because my life has been unique

In 1997 I had a skydiving accident. I fell 1km and hit the ground at 90km/hour. I have had 25 surgeries, regrew the majority of my right femur, almost died from an allergic reaction to a life and limb saving antibiotic, spent two years with a wheelchair, three years in physical rehab, 14 years working for charities to reach my passion and goal of helping others, and married a Cuban and sponsored him to Canada.

Because I am inspired by so many people and believe you are too

There are so many people who inspire me to be a better person every day. So many people whose stories I believe should be shared on Inspiration Hub. I am inspired by them for so many reasons; what they have accomplished, how they live their lives, how they are helping others, how they decided to a leap of faith and live their dreams. I will work with inspirational people and share their stories with you here.

Why I am afraid (but doing this anyway)
It is difficult for me to believe in myself. For so many years my life has focused on promoting and being passionate about social and health causes I care about. So much so that it has become my identity. I want more than that and now is the time.

I am now using this passion to promote myself and Inspiration Hub.  It is my new comfort zone.  For this reason I truly thank you for being here.

How can you help?
This is a journey I cannot take alone.  I encourage you to send me any feedback or ideas you think are important (

Together I believe we can create a place for people to come to be inspired.

Public Speaking

I am also working towards securing public speaking engagements. In the past I have spoken to groups at least a dozen times. I have been interviewed by several local and national media (tv news, tv talk shows, radio, newspapers). I use my experience with the skydiving accident and recovery as a platform to speak about risks and consequences, and never giving up.

If you are attending a conference or workshop or know someone who is organizing one, please tell them about me.

As time passes there will be more information about my experience displayed on inspiration hub including photos, videos, and personal blogs.